Looking to increase rise, retain moisture, prolong shelf-life, or create a finer, more tender crumb?

Key Ingredients

Acts as synergist for antioxidants, buffers pH, imparts flavor, provides acidity

Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate – Adjusts pH, Chelates metal ions, buffers pH, Imparts flavor

GDL: Provides a progressive pH decrease, acts as raising agent for baked goods, can prolong shelf life of baked goods

Lactic Acid: Acidifies sour dough

Potassium Lactate: Adjusts pH, Keeps moisture

Sodium Lactate: Adjusts pH, Keeps moisture

Tricalcium Citrate: Enriches the calcium content, Adjusts pH, enables use of nutrition claims, enables use of health claims

Trimagnesium Citrate: Enriches the magnesium content, enables use of nutrition claims, enables use of health claims

Tripotassium Citrate: Serves potassium fortification, buffers pH, improves complexity and/or stability, chelates metal ions, replaces sodium and serves sodium-free pH regulation enables use of nutrition claims, enables use of health claims

Salt Substitute: Contributes to healthy nutrition with less sodium, Reduces sodium content up to 50%, Delivers a salty flavor without off-taste

Low Calorie Sweetener: Provides sweetness, reduces or replaces sugars, reduces calories, enhances taste profile by masking off-flavors, lowers glycemic index, enables use of nutrition claims.

Xanthan Gum: provides high stabilizing properties, provides high viscosity at low concentration, binds water, improves texture and moisture retention, provides high suspending properties for fruits and nuts, gluten replacement, compatible with most commercial thickeners and stabilizers.

Phosphate: enhances volume, appearance and flavor of cakes and pastries.

Sodium Bicarbonate: enhances rising of cakes, cookies and other baked goods.

Dextrose: Promotes browning, less sweet than sugar.

Salt: enhance flavor, balance sweetness

Colors: Natural or Sythetic

Potassium Sorbate: Preservative preventing mold, yeast and microbes.

Ascorbic Acid: Strengthened Gluten, Greater loaf volume, Finer crumb, Increased tenderness of crumb, Reduce crust thickness, faster rise.

Glycerin: retains moisture, Smoother/Shinier icing, Creamier icing, Prevent crystalizing of sugar

Propylene Glycol, retains moisture, strengthens dough, maintains flavor.