Looking to add natural color, enrich your product with beneficial minerals, or improve release of minerals and essential oils?

Key Ingredients

– Provides acidity, chelates metal ions, Buffers pH, Acts as synergist for antioxidants

– Adjusts pH, Chelates metal ions, Buffers pH

– Can act as chelating agent

– Improves skin moisture, Adjusts pH, Acts as chelating agent, Stabilizes fluoride

– Adjusts pH, Supports preservation, Improves skin moisture, holds water, adjust pH,

– Improves skin moisture, holds water, adjusts pH

– Improves skin moisture, holds water, adjusts pH

– Replaces Citric Acid in sensitive formulations and effervescent systems, Used in water-sensitive formulations due to its low water content.

– Acts as sodium-free buffer salt, Chelates metal ions

– enriches the magnesium content

– Adjusts pH, Chelates metal ions,

– Reduces and controls bacteria

– Controls rheology in rinse-off products like shampoos, Suspends insoluble in rinse-off products like shampoos

– Replaces chelating agents such as EDTA, Forms a slow release preservative with sodium benzoate

– Assists with dissolving and fizzing in water, Assists in releasing colors and essential oils, softening effect on hard water.

– Natural and Synthetic Colors and pigments

– muscle relaxant, skin soothing

– rich in minerals, relaxation, skin soothing