The Industrial markets continue to see growth as demand for more manufacturing continues to increase. Products in this market can be segmented into commodities and specialty products. The commodity chemical sector includes plastics, polymers, synthetic rubber, and other basic organics. The specialty product segment refers to high-performance and customized chemical solutions that meet application-specific consumer requirements. These would include coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, construction materials, lubricant additives and others such as textile auxiliaries.
Casey Ingredients has provided many of these ingredients and chemicals for over twenty-five years. We source from primary producers who are leading their respective fields and operating as the latest quality standards. We are connected to manufacturers who can customize and formulate to specific customer needs. For over 25 years the Casey family has built strong relationships with major producers and manufacturers who offer us dedicated distribution territories. In turn, this allows us to offer our customers a superior position within their own unique markets.

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