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Looking for easier pumpability, better stand on brush, or improved plaque control?

Key Ingredients

– Provides Acidity, Chelates Metal ions, Buffer pH

– Acts as carrier for inorganic and organic substances, buffers pH, adjusts pH,

– can act as chelating agent

– Replaces chelating agents such as EDTA, Forms a slow release preservative with sodium benzoate

– Adjust pH, Acts as chelating agent, stabilizing fluoride delivery systems

– Adjusts pH

– Adjusts pH

– Adjusts pH

– Adjusts pH, Replaces Citric Acid in sensitive formulations, Buffers pH, Used in water-sensitive formulations due to low water content

– Adjusts pH, Reduces caries resulting from remineralizing of teeth,

– Reduces and controls plaque

– Adjusts pH, Improves complexity and stability, Reduces sensitivity to pain of teeth

– Provides easily pumpability and excellent flow properties, Gives good stand on the brush, provides high stabilizing and suspending properties, provides high viscosity at low concentration

- bactericidal against most periodontal pathogens