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Looking to enrich with beneficial minerals, promote skin renewal, or meet clean label standards?

Key Ingredients

– Provides Acidity, Buffers pH, Chelates metal ions, Acts as synergist for antioxidents,

– Adjusts pH, Buffers pH, Chelates metal ions

– Acts as chelating agent

– Replaces chelating agents such as EDTA, Promotes skin renewal and exfoliation under acidic condition, Improves skin moisture, Forms a slow release preservative with Sodium Bicarbonate

– Improves skin moisture, Adjusts pH, Acts as chelating agent

– Improves skin moisture, adjusts pH

– Adjusts pH, Exfoliates dead skin cells, supports preservation

– Improves skin moisture, Adjusts pH

– Acts as sodium-free buffer salt, chelates metal ions,

– Enriches the magnesium content

– Acts as emulsifying salt, Adjusts pH

– Reduces and controls bacteria

– Stabilizes emulsions, Gives creamy consistency, provides high viscosity at low concentration, provides high stabilizing and suspending properties